In this episode of Botched roll, we are on the road to preparing for FREE RPG day on June 22,2024 at our local game stores.

Mike “The Birdman” put the call into the multiverse and looking for heroes and storytellers who help do some pretty nifty stuff in the creative space. A pair of amazing individuals from the Story Engine team answered the call to chat with Mike.

Join guests, Miroki Tong and Peter Chiykowski from Story Engine and learn about one of the cool promos that you can snag from FREE RPG day this weekend BUT also delve deeper into what makes this product so exciting. Learn what Story engine is, how it can help you brain storm ideas for writing, RPG design or even how to overcome problems that can happen at your table in the moment and you’re stuck for a quest.

Check out the links below and follow them on social media and all their other pages as well

(WATCH THIS SPACE on Free RPG day itself for something cool)

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June 18, 2024