We are bringing back the TWIG Topic Shows! In the first of our quarterly topic showcases we discuss the Halo franchise!

This week in geek:

– Introductions

– Our Personal Histories With Halo

– The Halo Lore

– Matt Forbeck Interview (Halo Novel Writer)

https://www.forbeck dot com

– Extended Media Discussion (Movies, Books, Toys)

– Jazwares Interview (Gregory Mitchell – Vice President Of Brand (Action & Collectibles) & Jesse Hensley – Senior Designer)


– Our Predictions And Hopes For The Future Of Halo (TV and Gaming)

– Xbox Gamepass Ultimate Contest

Send in your Halo memories to feedback@thisweekingeek.net by March 4th 2022 to be entered for a chance to win a 3 Month Gamepass Ultimate subscription generously provided by our friends at Microsoft Canada. Winners will be notified the week of March 6th.

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February 25, 2022