Join us for a a great look back at the first season of the Cambridge Chronicles! In season 1 our lofty adventurers take on Dungeons & Dragons! These first episodes were chock full of mayhem, vulgarity, and hilarity. Everthing you know and love about us!

Note: This was our experiment with remote recording for the first time via Twitch and not all of the sessions survived. What you have here is the backup audio we recorded in tandem with the live-streams and presented with the surviving recordings.

(Cambridge Chronicles season 2 was a co-production with the fine folks at Terrible Warriors )

These omnibus epsides of past seasons are heckin’ chonkers but are perfect for binging or having on in the background.

Season 2 was a hodge-podge of different games and experiments.

Chapters breaks for each episode are provided on the main Spreaker feed and YouTube for ease of use.

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February 27, 2022