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This week in geek:

  • Introductions
  • Vampire: The Masquerade 5th ed Review
  • News (Madden Shooting & Trump VS Google)
  • Weird News (Sex Doll Brothel, Astronaut Duct Tape, & Water On Jupiter)
  • Satan’s Pantry (Wheat Cakes)
  • Starfinder RPG Books (Core Rulebook, Alien Archive, & Pact Worlds) Review

Show Notes:

Libris Arcana: https://www.librisarcana.com/

Your Geekmasters:

Mike “The Birdman” Dodd – @BirdmanDodd

Tristan “Mr. Tristifer” – @MrTristifer

Alex “The Producer” – @TurdOrTreasure

Feedback for the show?:

Email: Feedback@thisweekingeek.net
Voicemail: 817-717-7202

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September 2, 2018

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