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Super awesome mega fun anime show REBOOT- episode 1

Hey Folks, Scotty here bringing you the long awaited RE-Boot of the Anime show here on TWIG. This show has become a legend amongst Twigites, for years stories have made their way around the net about this show. Does it exist? is it mere poppycock? That is what I am here to reveal to you today! For the first second time in my tenure here, do I bring you the TWIG Anime show! Staring Myself, and the Beautiful Erika Szabo! Join us as introduce ourselves and our history with Anime and manga. These stories will make you laugh, and possibly cry. Enjoy this show and we will have another for you in two weeks.

TWIG would like to thank it’s sponsors for making this show and others possible!

StarFleet-Star Trek Fan club

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