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Pilot Pickup – Episode 01 – “Pilot”

Don’t change that channel! Pilot Pickup will be coming up next!

That’s right folks, TV is back on This Week in Geek in the form of a brand new show we are calling “Pilot Pickup”! Where This Week in Geek and TheTelevixen.com join forces to bring you your very own TV Show Club. Each month your hosts Steve “Snowball” Saylor and Melissa “The Televixen” Girimonte will choose a TV Show, watch a season of that show, then discuss it! Did we like it or hate it? You also help us decide! We would love to hear from you what you thought of the show we are going to watch each month. Send us feedback and we’ll include YOU in the show! We’ll read your comments, emails, Tweets, Facebook Messages, phone calls, whatever you prefer, we’ll put you into the show with us! You can send us email feedback by emailing feedback@thisweekingeek.net or melissa@thetelevixen.com or follow us online at the links below!

So what is this month’s inaugural TV Show we chose to watch? Netflix’s own “House of Cards”

You can watch the very first episode for free on Netflix by clicking here:


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Pilot Pickup – Episode 001

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