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February, 2018

  • 27 February

    Revealing Our Geeky Guilty Pleasures

    On “Altered Geek,” Steve and Mike discuss their closet geek things you don’t advertise you’re into, geeky guilty pleasures in this episode of the podcast. We reveal somethings you may or may not know about us and that it’s okay to have things that you get into. Be sure to leave …

  • 23 February

    What Did You Geek Out To This Week?

    On “Altered Geek,” Steve and Mike discuss what they’ve been geeking out to this week and ask what YOU’VE been geeking out to. They explain their happenings with gaming, new vehicles, podcasts and projects. Be sure to leave feedback on what you’d like to hear on a future episode. Also …

  • 19 February

    Breaking Down Discovery Season 1 & Thoughts on Trek

    On this episode of “Future Imperfect,” Admiral Phillips is joined by Mike “Boothninja” Powers from “Altered Geek” to discuss their thoughts collectively on this first part dive into Star Trek Discovery. We give our thoughts on how it evolves with the times, being skeptics to loving it and what may …

  • 14 February

    The Enterprise Arrives, Thoughts on the Finale Episodes, The Road to Season 2 & Twitter Hate

    On this episode of “Future Imperfect,” Admiral Phillips returns to discuss Star Trek Discovery’s final two episodes, The Road to Season 2, Twitter Hate and Social Media Comments of the Enterprise’s Arrival. Also touched on are the hosts coming in the next episode to join Steve and discussing the Series as …

January, 2018

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