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April, 2018

March, 2018

  • 30 March

    Polarizing and Welcoming Fandoms and Social Media & Unplugging

    On “Altered Geek,” Steve and Birdman Dodd discuss Polarizing and Welcoming Fandoms and Social Media & Unplugging from those sources of discord. Next week will be more fun topics, such as a breakdown review of ReBoot The Guardian Code, and other geeky fun content in the movie and tv universes. …

  • 30 March

    Is A Star Trek Future Actually Possible?

    Caution On this episode of “Future Imperfect,” as Admiral Phillips and Captain Dodd jump into a possibly polarizing topic of politics, the future and coming together as one. In the era where mankind with differing beliefs can become as Gene Roddenberry believed in Star Trek’s inception. Captain Kirk best represents …

  • 27 March

    Falling Out Of Fandoms & What Are Some You No Longer Follow?

    Steve flies solo on “Altered Geek,”and discusses fandoms. Everything from ones he’s been into, ones he’s not into anymore and why he’s just falling out of fandoms. Is it media’s fault? Social media’s fault? Or just discontent with the current state of entertainment? All this and more on Altered Geek! …