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Published on August 28th, 2012 | by Birdman


RAD episode 262-Mass Effect 3 DLC- Leviathan

    RAD episode 262-Mass Effect 3 DLC- Leviathan

    What is Leviathan?

    In today’s RAD Birdman has forgone sleep to bring you his review of Mass Effect 3’s DLC:Leviathan on the Xbox 360. Commander Shepard is contacted by Alliance command to check out a rumor of something so powerful that even the Reapers are scared of it!
    What is Leviathan? Is it a myth? Is something much more terrifying?
    Birdman does his very best to bring you the spoiler free review of this much anticipated DLC and gives you the low down on the new weapons and mods for the single player campaign.
    We go to the dark corners of space and prepare to face something that will change how you perceive the lore of the Mass Effect franchise.

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