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TWiG topic show 118-Robocop franchise

ROBOCOP’s Prime Directives:
1. “Serve the public trust”
2. “Protect the innocent”
3. “Uphold the law”
4. Listen to This Week in Geek…again!

In a very surprisingly turn, it seems that we at TWiG haven’t done a full length ROBOCOP topic show! Well it is time to remedy that situation! In this month’s topic show we pay homage to the cybernetic crime fighter of old Detroit with Birdman and Scotty. The discussion talks about the ethics and the philosophical impacts of being turned into a cyborg and how the drone debates ties into all this. We also talk about Robo’s adventures in animation, live action TV and some of his lesser known roles as a wrestler and fried chicken salesman.
We also get a chance to chat about some of the various bits of merch from toys to videos games and more!
I’d buy that for a dollar and more in this month’s celebration of ROBOCOP!

We would like to thank Jada Toys for their generous support of this month’s topic show.
I HIGHLY recommend the 6 inch light up figures, VERY BAD ASS

TWIG would like to thank it’s sponsors for making this show and others possible!

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Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

Scotty “Youthful ward” Bordas

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