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Back to School- Geek Style

It is that time of year again and that means for some of you, freedom and the first time out on your own and setting up your own college dorm experience. I’m actually very jealous of who will be entering college for the first time in the few weeks and getting chance to live, learn and be apart of something special in your lives.

Yes, I am one of those guys who misses college with every passing year. I am pleased however that I get a chance to take a look at what would it would be for me to get set up again. I present to you, my own version of a back to school style guide with a geek asethic and its own functionality as well. All the items that I have chosen here I think will serve you in some nerdy capacity and be more then entertainment but also serve you in a multitude of functions.

So please sit back and get ready to spend your parents money or perhaps some of that lovely school assistance funds in a semi responsible yet fun way and let’s open things up for your geeky dorn room.

I assure you, you’ll be the king of the nerds should you desire it.

011) Playstation 4

Alright, I assume that most of you will want a next generation console when you hit school and who would blame you? It’s going to be an exciting few months with games like Overwatch, Titanfall 2, Call of Duty and Battlefield making studying harder but also a good way to relieve stress.

I choose the Playstation 4 as the system of choice for several reasons. You are bound to find a good deal on older bundles as newer SKU’s come into stores as we prepare to get into Sony VR in the next little bit. The PS4 can also do tons of stuff like multimedia like being able to stream stuff from your computer,etc. I also choose the PS4 for an unexpected benefit because of Spotify and because of many of us have cellphone, certain providers offer Spotify free for 2 years so you can use your PS4 to stream audio and likely to a new your stereo connected to your PS4.

It is also likely that ALOT of new dorm friends have a PS4 due to it’s install base so you’ll always have access to people play games with and who knows, maybe you’ll meet your future E sports teammates here.

I doubt it.

PRO TIP: Always take a look at different bundles and ask to price match wherever it is offered. You can snag some amazing deals and check online as well and you can compare at some online retailers as well.

2) A PS4 headset02

You know how I was talking about your PS4 on your new Stereo? Well let’s say that you have a real thing for the collected works of James Brown….and your roommate doesn’t? This is a good solution for you and your roommate. It offers some pretty impressive features such as virtual 7.1 surround sound and the ability to used with offer devices via an included audio cable.

One of the cool features that I really enjoy is that certain games have a built in sound profile and that can be downloaded to the headphones via a PS4 app. You can have a profile built for the tense atmosphere of “Until dawn” or the
high octane action of a shooter like “Uncharted 4” you’ll be ready for anything.

If music or gaming is your thing and you can to keep the experience personal then you really can’t go wrong with these headsets. You also get a pretty sweet microphone that is built in and works well for streaming on your PS4 should you decide to do that or to talk smack in your online multiplayer sessions.

3) Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard03

School can make us lazy but that doesn’t mean you can’t be lazy and be inventive at the same tine. I’m pretty particular about being able to use my computer or devices from anywhere and yet still have the power of a full keyboard behind it. You can be in bed or at your desk or perhaps at some odd place in between like giant Pokemon shaped beanbag chair and you can still use this keyboard. The power of Bluetooth allows us to connect to smartphones, PCs, and tablets and even even next generations consoles.

I found out that you can use this particular keyboard with a PS4 and have yourself another fully functional keyboard for your games and even web browsing.

It also helps that this keyboard is small that it can be slipped into a backpack if you are particular about having your own or perhaps not touching the grossness that can be public keyboards. It’s slick, stylish and functional!

044) UE ROLL 2

OK, real talk here. I sing in the shower. Who am I kidding? I put on damned concerts in the Bathroom and i channel my inner rock god whilst soaping up. Logitech has given me a waterproof, shockproof and even DUNK proof wireless bluetooth speaker that I can hang off the shower head or wherever. If you pair this with a device that has Lifeproof case and that is virtually indestructible then you have yourself a PARTY in your bathroom.

If partying in your bathroom isn’t speed then you can take this little speaker out into the world and yes even to the last few pool parties of the year. You could probably even bring this out to the hockey ring outside so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet and wrecked.

This thing is LOUD and you can even use the included program to work with another speaker to make things super loud. Its a great little speaker and nice to have a party that can fit in your pocket that can last around 9 hours.

05a 05b

5) TV DVD / Blu rays

Sometimes we need to decompress between classes or we need something to binge watch on the weekends while we await that dreaded Monday morning lectures. I have picked two of the shows that I think are actually going to be going somewhere this year and now are on the same network and will be crossing over at some point.

I’m talking about Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow from Warner bros home entertainment. DC has really had a relatively solid track record of fantastic stuff on television since its live action universes started playing nice with each other and every show offering something different to it’s audience. Supergirl offers something bright and optimistic and funny with alot of heart and wants to get it it’s DC roots sooner rather then later and will honor us with an actual Superman in season 2. Legends of tomorrow is an action adventure team up throughout time with a team made up of B list heroes going against an A list threat with Vandal Savage through time and space….imagine Doctor Who but with super powers.

The shows have the advantage of both having fairly strong first season and allowing the viewer to get invested in not just our main heroes but also the supporting heroes as well. I myself am really looking forward to seeing what Legends of tomorrow can do now that it too will have access to heroes like Supergirl and the Flash and potentially Constantine as well. It’s not hard to imagine a weekend or two being lost while we fight on in the live action DC universe done right. DC has rarely let down it’s TV audiences unlike Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD which can be disconnected from it’s cinematic counterpart while promising it’s “all connected” whereas DC has made TV, it’s exclusively connected universe.

06b 06

6) Transformers! so many Transformers!

A toy you say? Ok, so EVERYONE spends a little of thier college money on something goofy and something completely unnecessary and for me, it was a replica lightsaber. I am recommending something pretty kick ass from Hasbro and that is one of the newer Transformers figures. I really think some of these can be fun little distraction and even a neat conversation piece to have in your room and usually gets people talking especially if it’s a flashy or something that triggers the question of

“OOOO! What’s that?”

Michael Bay has for better or worse introduced the idea of “robots in disguise” back into people’s pop culture mindset. We have seen 4 Transformers movies so why not show off something a little different and something whose design is actually recognizable.

I’m recommending two different styles here and one is because it’ll look really neat and blend in with your stereo equipment and thats’ the Titans return Leader class Soundwave. He looks great and is instantly recognizable as one of the older Transformers who has been updated. He looks like a cool modern stereo and even in robot mode has that cool look to him that always made this Decepicon spy look cool.

The second recommendation takes a little bit more room but can be found if you shop around a bit to a few different stores like Walmart or Toys R us, the Combiners themselves.What is a combiner? A combiner is a robot made up of several smaller robots and they can make some amazingly cool display pieces and some are even recognizable from their G1 counterparts like Devastator who was made of construction vehicles or Menasor who was another one made up of stunticon cars and made up one amazingly bad ass looking figure,

There are a variety of different price points for the figures but I really like anything in the voyager,leader or titan class. Speaking of Transformers….

7) Transformers: The movie 30th anniversary edition07

Okay, We need to get ourselves a proper movie night and we’re going to do it up in style. The original 1986 Transformers movie is an absolutely geeky classic and this is the first time it has been released in North America on Blu ray. The war against the Decepticons is coming to a head in the year 2005 and the Autobots basically lost but perhaps a change can happen and the war can turn. This movie pulls NO punches in it’s brutality and its made all the more spectacular becaiuse of it’s handdrawn style. Michael Bay’s movies has never shyed away from violence but there never has been any heart behind it but there was something special here.

One of the greatest moments I had during my college experience was finding my fellow geeks and nerds and getting them together for our first movie weekend. I showed them a bootleg copy of this movie back in 2006 and I’m glad I did. We all had a chance to experience that uniquely 80’s soundtrack with Weird Al, some strange metal bands and of course, the iconic STAN BUSH and “The Touch”. This song was so influential in my life that I actually used “The Touch” during my wedding and had Stan Bush himself do stuff for my wedding as well.

I recommend this as part of your back to school experience because it’s new and never been easier to find and its an iconic 80’s movie and can unite nerds from across the spectrum…and as the movie says “Til all are one.”

088) Nerd Block

Ok, as you enter school and eventually “real life” you will see that mail can absolutely SUCK and rarely does anything good actually come BUT you can change that. There has been many things in the last few years that fit into the subscription crate service that SUCK but this is thankfully NOT one of them.

What is NERD BLOCK? Nerd Block is a subscription crate service that offers you stuff like toys,collectibles and some other pretty sweet clothes as well. The clothes are sweet and have designs that you can’t find in stores. The best part about Nerd Block is that they are Canadian and ship super quick and have some of the best customer service around. The price is also quite nice too which is between 20-30 plus shipping.

Out of all the crate services that are available, I feel that this is likely one of the best for Canadians and for anyone who wants to have something to other then a bill show up once a month.

099) Han Solo Mini fridge

Likely your dorm room comes with a fridge and you’ll have to mark ALL your food against your roommate BUT there is an option if you want to keep things private to your room. This mini fridge allows you to bring a little bit of a galaxy far, far away to life and also keep things cold such as 18 cans of “soda” or other beverage of choice during mid terms.

You also have the option on the fridge to keep things hot so if you were so inclined you can keep your college cuisine of hot pockets and kraft dinner nice and warm while you go and run a few errands. Removable shelves and portability means there is some versatility in this little fridge.

However there are versions of the Star Wars mini fridge with BB-8 or R2D2 style but I really think that the Han Solo version is likely the coolest. You can also use this to bargain with many Hutt crime families though I don’t know if your Residence advisor counts.

01010) Game of Thrones house banner

Your dorm room is your castle and you are lord of your domain and to which house do you swear fealty to? I myself swear loyalty to House Stark because “Winter is coming” and Jon Snow, the king of the North.

I think these huge cloth banners are better then your average poster of some random hot chick or whatever and add a touch of class to your surroundings. There are many Game of Thrones inspired items such as drinking horns, glassware,dinnerware and even full sets of blankets and pillows.

Sure, you’ll end up owing a king’s ransom to deck out your room but hey, a Lannister always pays his debts.

REBONUS selection:

I’m picking this because its a throwback to my frosh week and how I spent some of my first weekends in the dorms when I wasn’t working or doing homework.


Resident Evil 4 was one of the games that got me interested in audio design and the atmosphere of fear. Recently the folks at Capcom have spent the last year going back and remastering some of the older Resident Evil titles and they finally finish things off with the best of the “newer” style RE.

It’s time to take up as Leon Kennedy and save the President’s daughter from the villains of the spanish countryside except this time in glorious 1080p and with tons of the bonus content from all the previous editions.

This is a game is pretty much a must play or must own for anyone who enjoys the action adventure genre and anyone who can enjoy a good scare. Your residence may dread the sound of you screaming like a child when the monster jumps out at you.

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