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Mayhem Mics – EP 49 – WWE The Road To Wrestlemania 35!

In Episode 49 of Mayhem Mics We welcome you to the NEW DAY for MAYHEM MICS! TFG1Mike and Ryan the UnEvenFlow are your TOTALLY TUBULAR TAG TEAM into the world of WWE. We are on the Road to Wrestlemania, and we break done WM35’s card, plus so much more! Let us know what you think of this new type of GCRN-TWIG episode and as always “LOWER YOUR SHIELDS, AND SURRENDER YOUR LISTENERSHIP because we want to “UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!”


What are you liking or disliking about WWE in 2019?

Are you ready for Wrestlemania?

Have you been reading the Boom! Studios WWE Comics?


Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Ryan “The UnEvenFlow” Merkley


About Mike TFG1 Blanchard

TFg1Mike has been podcasting for 9 Years! Can you believe it?? Nearly a decade of The Fucking Great 1!!! Mike enjoys talking about what he loves with his friends, and giving you great content!

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