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I highly suggest TV Therapy

Hello all once again, it is I Snowball.  You don’t care do you?  You’ve probably skipped ahead to the more important part of this post before I could tell you the secret on how to find the hidden E.T. cartridges hidden in the dessert.  First you have to find the cactus with the wacky tumor on the side of it…oh you’re back.  Okay, well I appreciate it.

You may have noticed a new show go up this week called “Last Exit To Ponyville” and I couldn’t be more excited as a non-Bronie on how cool that is for TWiG.  I have listened to the episode and I really dig it.  With that in mind, there will be two more new shows coming from the TWiG crew that we are excited to tell you about.  One will be announced in the coming weeks, but one of them we can announce now called: TV Therapy!

What is TV Therapy?

It’s a show created by This Week in Geek and TheTelevixen.com where each month we take a TV Show, watch a particular season of it and discuss the show!  But that’s not the best part, we want you involved!  Think of it like our very own TV Show Book Club.  You help us decide which show to watch, you follow along with us,  give us your reviews and we’ll put you in the show!

How do I get involved?

You can get as much or as little involved with the show as you want.  There are three ways to be a part of the show:

  1. Vote on a Series – Each month we will put up vote of four possible TV Series to choose from.  You vote on which show to watch and the show with the most votes will be that month’s show.
  2. Watch along with us – As you can guess we’ll talk about many things of that season such as plot, characters, story arcs, relationships, cool stuff.  What better way to be a part of that then by watching the show with us.  You have a full month to watch the season we are watching, pretty easy right?
  3. Give us your feedback – Of course we want to know what you think of the TV Series we are watching, even if you hate the season, we want to know about it.  You can send voicemails, email, comments, Facebook messages, tweets, anything you want.  If you’re in the Toronto area we may even have you in studio with us!

When will the first show be out?

We are shooting for the first part of October.   Sometime in the New Year.

What’s the first show going to be on?

We have four series to choose  and if you leave us a comment below, or tweet us with the hashtag #TVTherapy with the name of the series, the highest votes wins.

Here are the first four series:

1) Six Feet Under – 1st Season

2) Primeval – 1st Season

3) Torchwood – 1st Season

4) Twin Peaks – 1st Season

Now it’s up to you!  Vote away and come along this journey with us as we take in a little TV Therapy!

As always, I remain obediently yours.

Steve “Snowball” Saylor

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