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Super Awesome Mega Fun Anime Show EP.01

Hey everyone and whats going on, It is I Scottydoo coming at you with a pilot for my new anime show “ THE SUPER AWESOME MEGA FUN ANIME SHOW!” ya its a mouth full but most good things are… Enough messing around, and lets get to whats going on. So in this new show i will tackle most anime related events, and Products. there will be straight up topic shows like Twig Regularly does and occasional one off review episodes similar to a RAD. So in this episode we take on Soul Eater the Meister collection as well as Yu Yu Hakusho Season one on blu-ray. Please enjoy and send back all your feedback because I would love to hear from you and I want to know what you want to hear from me. So please remember this is just a pilot as i am still not 100 percent sure what I want to put into each episode, so again enjoy and send feedback!

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