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Last exit to Ponyville DVD commentary! Equestria girls

ARE YOU EXCITED?!?! Cause I’m excited!

In today’s special content we have a DVD commentary on Equestira girls from the good folks of TWiG and a few special guests we brought in from CANterlot’s panel on Equestria girls.
If you came here looking for something deep and metaphysical then BOY, did you come to the wrong neighborhood! What you get is 2 bronies and 2 pega-sisters going down a rabbit hole of MST3K proportions
It’s weird, amusing and for you!
Now gather up some cupcakes and sit your butt down and listen to the Last exit to Ponyville’s FIRST DVD commentary!

More to come if there isn’t a total train wreck!

A tremendous thanks to EQ for helping us out and watch their website and ours for new call in topics
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Last exit to Ponyville DVD commentary! Equestria girls

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