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Last exit to Ponyville Episode 6-Eye on Equestria

It seems that Discord has descended upon our resident ponyville podcasters this week, causing all sorts of chaos as our Intriped leader bows out due to illness. But The Birdman didn’t leave us hanging and appointed another Mike to take his place – none other then the “fist of justice” himself. Or as Trevor calls him; Mike “the closet Brony” Laidman. As always we are joined by our Pegasister Laura “Three and a Half glasses of white wine” Thomas. Listen as Trevor discuss’s his recent viewing of the Brony Documentary, cringe at Mike’s terrible pony puns and laugh along with Laura as she takes us off the rails on what is sure to go down as a memorable Last Exit to Ponyville. (the blooper reel alone could fill another show)

From the community we have our always loved call-ins, Cereal Velocity checks in to tell us the hot goss and The Birdman tells us about the Season one DVD in our Ponyville Giftshop segment.

Oh, and we have a SUPER special surprise for you, But you’ll have to listen to find out! Okay I’ll give you a hint, I really did mean it when Discord had decended upon us. (WINK WINK)

Purchase your copy of the Brony doc for 12 bucks!

Ponyville gift shop-MLP:FiM season 1 dvd from Shout Factory

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Last exit to Ponyville Episode 6: Eye on Equestria

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