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Last exit to Ponyville Episode 2: Seasons past

Mares and gentlecolts! Welcome back to the last exit to Ponyville! In this episode we take a look back at the first season of Friendship is magic indepth and things that just clicked and made the show as popular as it is now. The Bronies also take a moment to talk about of the happenings within the community at large such as a MLP fighting game, a documentary and more. Cereal velocity from EQ drops in and fills us in on what we may have missed the last two weeks and more! Finally we have your call in’s and announce our topic for later on this month and the question which will get personal about identity.
Enough with the yap! Let’s talk about ponies!

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Links discussed in the show
John DeLancie talks about recent updates in the Brony documentary

MLP:Fighting is magic game

Ponyville gift shop item of the week Custom MLP wall plaque

BronyCAN trailer

Please check out
The living Tombstone music

A tremendous thanks to EQ for helping us out and watch their website and ours for new call in topics
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Last exit to Ponyville Episode 2: Season’s past

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