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TWIG Nerd News Network – Week of September 26th

We are starting this weeks nerd news of on a somber note. As Spada and TFG1Mike remember Optimus Scourge a.k.a. Gary Clark. He was well known in the TF Fandom, and passed away this past week. Then The Terrific Trio Of Birdman, Spada, and TFG1 tackle this weeks stories. Stuff like Kindle being on Fire, Star Trek in HD, Mortal Kombat film reboot, Astronomy, Netflix dealing with Dreamworks, the Travesty: Teacher Gets To Keep Job, and so much more. Sit back relax and get your nerd on!!!!! To hear Optimus Scourge in podcasting check out the tribute blog post TFG1Mike put together on ToyCast

In these hard economic times the cost of putting to rest our loved ones can make things even more difficult than they already are. Gary’s widow Luisa (“Arcee”, a long time member of TFW2005) has set up a PayPal account for anyone willing to send donations to help cover the major expenses (totaling in excess of $10,000 just for funeral costs alone). TFW2005.COM is not directly connected to this PayPal account but supports the reason for its creation and supports the cause. Gary did not have any life insurance, thus all expenses must be paid out of pocket.

To send a donation via PayPal, be sure to select the option of GIFT, and send any amount to the following address:rip.garydclark@yahoo.com

Be Sure to help as: Birdman Gives Back We are raising money for Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital
We’re doing a 24 hour charity video game marathon and we will be live streaming the entire event at Birdman’s LiveStream


DVD Review: X-Men: First Class (+Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

Gameaccess:  X-Men: Destiny XBox 360 Version

Book Review: The Practical Astronomer

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