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TWIG Nerd News Network-Week of July 5

TWIG Nerd News Network Ep 30

Welcome back to the Nerd News Network!
This week, we are short a few hands from our TWIG crew due to sexual support groups and bizarre accidents involving dolphins and servers
Birdman, Uneven Flow and Blanchard come together to deliver the nerdiest news from on high and tell you about , Blizzard’s genius plan of late, a treasure trove of old coins, and a story that strikes close to home for Blanchard. Trust me this week’s ep maybe short on crew but we have all the nerdy news you can use….or use in obscure trivia games anyway
We also tell you about how a Nintendo cart can be used to clean your naughty bits, running thru the Forgotten sands with some prince guy and finding out some hot girl may infact be out of your league.
So much stuff all packed and wrapped up JUST FOR YOU!
So that’ll be 19.95 to paypal account zerofbi@hotmail.com?
That isn’t going to work is it?
Listen anyway!

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Interview with Lesley from GeekSoap.net about awesome nerdy soap
DVD Review of the Week from Paramount She’s outta my league -Click here to buy from Amazon.com

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Console Repair guy.com

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