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TWIG Nerd News Network Week of July 26 2010

TWIG Nerd News Network Ep 33

Yes,we’re a day late but its a Canadian holiday so cut us a break?

In this special Civic holiday edition of the Nerd News Network the geeks gather you special news from round the nerd o sphere and bring it to you, the people! We cover things from the impending doom of Planet Earth in just over a 100 years to a cheap affordable way to make stalking easier.We also take a sneak peak at the final Season of the CW series Smallville and a certain video game that was over 10 years in the making is finally released…and was it worth the wait? Also, how to be a douche bag to the fans of a certain franchise by pulling a documentary off store shelves.
We also talk to Jon Tran of “Life in a Game” to talk about his latest project to help charity and raise some money for Child’s Playing using Team Fortress 2
Which you can do here

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Jon from Top Tier Tactics.com and the Golden Wrench charity event

TWIG would like to thank our Sponsors this season for their services
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