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The Untitled Mike & Laura Project Watches “A Talking Cat !?!”

And now for something completely different. It’s been called “The Room” of talking animal films as well as many other things. Crap being one of them I’m sure. Join Mike & Laura as the watch what surely was Eric Roberts squaring his gambling debts in A Talking Cat!?! (their emphasis, not ours).  How bad can one movie be? Be prepared for the worst special effects ever, terrible acting and what may actually be a gay porno in disguise. Drink along with Laura as she plays the  “drink everytime they reuse an estabishing shot” game. You may get drunk. Have Netflix? Share in our pain and watch A Talking Cat!?! along with us here.  Keep a finger on the pause button though as 10 minutes in as we take a break for vomit. No I’m not kidding.

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