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TWiG – Geek Gamers – Episode 010

TWiG - Geek Gamers - Episode 010

Who wants to go outside when you have video games, movies and more importanly more video games then you know what to do with?

It’s hot, it’s humid out, so that means hiding in your room with the A/C cranked and playing some video games. Birdman comes out and tells you what’s going on in the world of Digital Entertainment for the XBOX 360 and more in this episode of Geek gamers!
Also listen to the end of the episode for details to win some great DLC for Xbox Live & the PSN!

This Episode brought to you by:
http://gameaccess.ca If you sign up to GameAccess.ca and use the promo code “TWIG” you get a 15 day free trial instead of a 10 day free trial! That’s right 5 extra days on us.

XBOX 360
Star trek DAC – Paramount Digital Entertainment
Dropblitz – Atlus
Fallout 3 & all DLC – Bethesda Studios
Call of Juarez-Bound in Blood – Ubisoft

Marvel vs Capcom 2:New Ages of heroes (Also available on Xbox live) – Capcom

Singstar: Queen – Sony Computer Entertainment
Watchmen:The Complete Experience – Warner Brothers Interactive

So download and enjoy!

Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

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