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RAD X’11 Microsoft Media Preview

The summer is ending and that means we’re revving up the game machines for a slew of new releases!
Birdman and his able bodied young ward Scottydoo enter the Microsoft’s inner sanctum (which ironically was a fancy nightclub) and checked out what will be coming to the Xbox 360 and beyond!

Major 3rd party publishers, such as Bethesda and Sega, sent their PR representatives to the land of the ice and snow and show off some hot titles due to come out this holiday. Some of the goodies they got their hands on were among the highest profile games of the upcoming months such as, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Saints Row, and of course Halo.
So tune in to hear Birdman and Scotty give you the inside scoop on the games you are just itching to put into your consoles and see if they are worth your hard earned coin.

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