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RAD episode:Infamous:Second son

Welcome back to RAD!

In this episode we are taking a trip to the pacific northwest with Delsin Rowe in INFAMOUS:Second son for the PS4. Birdman joins the Akomish tribe to help them recover from an attack of anti conduit forces known as the D.U.P. and their leader, Brooke Augustine. The story picks up 7 years after Cole’s battle with the beast and how was the world adjusted to having conduits among them and what brings them to the streets of Seattle.
Birdman looks at both the good and evil sides and even gives you a run down on the DLC of Cole’s legacy and the augmented reality game “Paper trail”
Does this PS4 exclusive have what it takes to be a worthy follow up to the Infamous series?
Does this game have conduit control of awesome or suckage?
Well you be the judge!

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