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RAD episode: TMNT:Out of the shadows

Ever felt like a game broke your heart?
Ever felt like a game skipped out on dinner and left you with the cheque?
That would be how Birdman would sum up his experience with Teenage mutant ninja turtles:Out of the shadows.

The top billed game for XBox’s “Summer of arcade” picks up the “likeness” of the new TMNT series currently airing for a storyline…that frankly is about as hollow as the 1987 cartoon. Birdman battles against endless waves upon waves of the same bad guys with little to no real difference for what seems like an eternity in Teenage mutant ninja turtles:Out of the shadows.
However is there a bright spot at the end of this sewer romp?
Birdman believes he has found a new video game nemesis to replace the horrific Naughty bear as his most hated game or has he misjudged this game?

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