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RAD episode : Grand theft auto 5

There’s only one philosophy I follow
And that’s the mighty American dollar
-Dan Bull-
GTA 5 epic rap

Truer words were never spoken as we head into today’s RAD with Grand theft auto 5 on the Xbox 360. We have all seen the trailers and read into the well deserved hype for this open world crime game but does Rockstar deliver? Birdman goes to the city of Los Santos and meets up with 3 men whose lives will change dramatically as they come together through a series of intertwined events.
What secrets does Michael have? Will Franklin be able to move past the ‘hood? Will Trevor will make any damned sense?
It’ll be the first GTA 5 that Birdman has gone through from start to finish in 1 go and he’s glad you are along for the ride!
It’s GTA 5 BABY!

Experience the epic-ness that is Dan Bull and his GTA 5 rap!

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