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RAD episode 286- Gears of war: Judgement

*SPOILER-FREE and now with 20% more vitamin C*

Listen up COGS, we have a job to do and that job can only be accomplished at the end of a gun barrel.

In today’s RAD, we take a look at the latest entry in the Gears of War franchise with Gears of War:Judgement! This time around we’re taking a trip to past before Baird and Cole ever met Marcus and Dom. Baird and his squad are facing some serious charges in a courtroom surrounded by locust and the world is crumbling around them…what charge could be so serious that they would hold a trial at the end of the world?
We are ready to declassify this mission account and set the record straight?
Does this entry make itself worthy of the Gears of war name or just simply just grind our gears?

*Editors note* As of time of recording some multiplayer issues were encountered but do not accurately reflect final product
Very few players were online at the time to give a FULL scope of the multiplayer

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Armcannon-Gears of mad world

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