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RAD episode 267-Halo 4

    RAD episode 267-Halo 4

    *Editors note* Realized my graphic said multi-platform a little too late.

    RAD is back and we have another UNSC Spartan joining Birdman in this review of the hotly anticipated Halo 4!

    Birdman and Jamie, the new co host of “The Prototype” land on the Forerunner world of Requiem and give you their thoughts on this latest Master Chief adventure.It has been almost 5 years since the Chief last saved the galaxy from the Flood and since then he’s been on ice floating thru the void of space until today…
    Developer 343 Industries has been handed the monumental task of living up to Bungie’s legacy of quality storytelling and compelling gameplay.
    Slap a fresh clip into your DMR and charge your plasma pistol and let us check out Halo 4!

    TWiG’s new Prototype host will be doing a Livestream of Halo TONIGHT and doing it for Toronto Sick Kids charity for the next 24 hours!
    To watch go HERE and to donate go right HERE

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    -Music featured in this episode-
    117-Neil Davidge

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