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RAD episode 260: Final Fantasy VI: Advance

    RAD episode 260: Final Fantasy VI: Advance

    A long time ago a game was played that forever changed the way Michael Dodd looked at video games.
    No longer would he be content to simply run and gun or button mash his way to victory…this game required more from him.
    One lonely December day he decided to trade games with his neighbour and forever would things be different.
    From NHL 95 to…..Final Fantasy 3…or 6 depending on how you look at it!

    In today’s ConBravo sponsored edition of RAD we look at a classic SNES game that has been updated for the Gameboy advance. Birdman looks at one of the finest RPGs to ever grace our shores in any capacity, Final Fantasy 6: Advance. We prepare to free a world under the weight of a magically empowered empire who are on the cusp of another devastating war which would end humanity once and for all. We join up with a colorful cast of characters like the mysterious and beautiful Terra, treasure hunter Locke, the airship piloting Setzer and the strange dancing moggle, Mog and many more.
    Is this game still a classic by today’s standards or it is best left on shelf in favor of other RPG experiences?

    Hero Muzik Vol. 1 can be bought here

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    Birdman will be having a retro game collecting panel with The Angry Video Game Nerd and Roo from Clan of the grey wolf and many others!
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    -Music featured in this episode-
    K-Murdock-The rulers back *Edgar & Sabin*

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