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RAD episode 257-The Megas History Repeating Blue

    RAD episode 257-The Megas History Repeating Blue

    If your favorite band offers you a free preview of their upcoming album, what do you do?
    You drop whatever your doing and take a listen…or five or six in Birdman’s case!

    In this very special exclusive we will be taking a look at the new album from The Megas: History repeating:BLUE. This is the first part of the double album which features music from Capcom’s Megaman 3 game reimagined as rock and roll songs. The Megas have long promised a follow up to the 2008 “Get equipped” but how does this live up years of expectations? A stellar video game soundtrack in it’s own right from Capcom musician Bun Bun whose games include Breath of fire and Megaman 10 among others…does his work translate to guitars and drums and a reinterpretation?
    We have an unofficial first single from the album inside with “History repeating part 2 (one last time) too
    Is it time to get equipped or is this history even worth repeating?

    The Megas official website for more info and order info

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    -Music featured in this episode-
    The Megas- History repeating-Part 2 (one last time)

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