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RAD episode 242-Mass Effect 3

RAD episode 242-Mass Effect 3

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MILD SPOILERS! ( I have avoided all the big ones to ensure a good experience for all of you)

It’s time to take back our planet from the giant robotic bastards known as the Reapers in today’s edition of RAD. Birdman once again joins up with the Alliance Navy in Mass Effect 3.
Late on Friday evening Birdman began his decent into Alliance space to take back our galaxy with Commander Shepard and her friends in tow. We fight across the entirety of the Mass Effect universe and see the horrors of war as witnessed by some new and old foes and even have a few WTF moments as we race to unite a galaxy at war against an enemy bent on annihilation.
We follow the adventures of Birdman’s imported female Shep into the events of Mass Effect 3 and let you know if the final story of the commander is indeed worth playing.
Will you Birdman and Commander Shepard in their final desperate hour?

*Editors note*
It was DAMNED hard to talk around spoilers so I hope you will be satisfied.

Here is Birdman’s Shepard

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Dodd is a brony now??!?!

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