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RAD episode 240-The Darkness 2

RAD episode 240-The Darkness 2

Are you ready to embrace your dark birthright and unleash the demon living inside you?
Also can I interest you in a low interest credit card?
Thought not!

In today’s edition Birdman returns from his grave to check out THE DARKNESS 2. We pick up the story of Jackie Estacado 2 years after the original game and things are not going so well for our mafia boss as people are out to kill him…again! The Darkness 2 takes what made the original good but does have what it takes to make the game truly great? We turn off the lights and let the blackness seep into every corner of the room and open up our inner sadistic bastard. The Darkness lets you do everything from ripping people’s heads off to throwing lamp posts into people’s torsos and oh yeah you can shoot guys too!
Birdman switches off the night light and get the Darkness envelop him!
Will this be a great sequel or should we just turn on the light and forget it ever happened?

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THIS WEEKEND in Guelph,Ontario,Canada!
Birdman will be appearing with JewWario and MarzGurl and others like voice actor Kyle Hebert (DBZ narrator) and Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony:Friendship is magic)
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Bring your 3DS and your SF4 and PS Vita’s for some UMvC3 action!

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Big thanks to CBC Reporter Chris dela Torre for reaching out

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Huge thanks to Axur for the fantastic new RAD animated RAD intro
Please check out his Deviant Art page and check out his work and commission some awesome stuff!

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