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RAD episode 237-The Simpsons Arcade

RAD episode 237-The Simpsons Arcade

It only took 20 damned years…but it was worth the wait!

No longer shall Birdman haunt the countryside looking for this quarter munching machine as it finally came home…we are talking THE SIMPSONS ARCADE GAME!
Yes, finally someone signed the blood oath to some dark power and ported this beat em’ up to Xbox Live and PSN and weirdly MS-DOS. In today’s RAD we skip merrily down memory lane and take a look at the Komami classic and see how it holds up after so long. Konami has ported many of it’s classic games to our various services with varying degrees of success from TMNT 1989 to the X-men but where do the Simpsons stand?
Is this a worth a download or simply another “D’oh!” waiting to happen!

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