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RAD episode 21: Transformers:War for Cybertron

Episode 21-June 29 2010 Transformers:War for Cybertron

You’ve got the touch! YOU”VE GOT THE POWER!!! YEAHHH!!!!
One of most recognizable songs from one the most celebrated franchises of all, the Transformers
The Transformers has had a mixed bag of games representing these cybertronian warriors
Today, Birdman challenges the Decepticon hordes and wears his Autobot alliance with pride and takes on the war for Cybertron!
Will Birdman emerge from the fires of Cybetron or be so much scrap in the junk pile.

ALSO, Stay tuned after the Show…..Stan Bush has granted special permission to let us have something special at the end….

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Stan Bush-The Touch
Pierce Derks original composition

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