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RAD episode 191-Mortal Kombat (2011)

RAD episode 191-Mortal Kombat

Let Mortal Kombat begin!
In today’s edition of Review a day,we fight for the Earth realm in this newest entry in the long running franchise with Mortal Kombat. We will be taking a look at the collectors content as well and let you know if it’s worth picking up the Kollectors edition or the tournament edition.
Birdman has been a long time kombatant going as far back as the original arcade cab and even wrote some MK fanfic…yes,he’s a kombat nerd….so how does this reboot hold up?
Raiden and the warriors from Earth realm have to stop Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn from destroying everything but can the help of one internet reviewer tip the tides of battle?
We enter the arena unafraid and ready with harpoon spears,teleports and other moves ready to tell you if this game is really a reboot worth mentioning or will it banished to the neatherealm?

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The Immortals-Encounter the Ultimate
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