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RAD episode 180-Bulletstorm

RAD episode 180-Bulletstorm

Birdman has returned…and the people rejoiced!
Big thanks to everyone who took care of the show while I regenerated into Birdman 2.0!
Thanks to Marc, Ryan, Scotty and everyone who supports the show 🙂

In today’s edition of RAD we prepare to weather a storm of hot lead with EA’s Bulletstorm. We’ve landed a hostile world full of weird mutants, screwed up plant life and robot dinosaurs….and our only choice is shoot everything in sight and make sure it dies in a creative manner. Join space pirate Grayson Hunt on his quest for revenge with a pissed off cyborg and a hottie with a gun while they spew some of the most offensive dialogue in a big name release.
Bulletstorm should be every testosterone fueled fantasy come true in glorious HD but does it deliver on it’s promise of “Kill with skill”?
Birdman grits his teeth and prepares his skill shot of “Cut through the hype” and see if this title is worth picking up or weather it’s destined to be a weekend rental.

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