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Far Cry Primal

It is the year 10,000 BCE and you are laying low in the grass,spear at the ready and body tense with anticipation of the hunt….OR It’s 2016 and you have a bag of Doritos laying on the couch instead…

Welcome back to RAD and it’s our first review show of the year and we’re starting off with something different, FAR CRY PRIMAL on the Xbox One. Revealed as a Far cry game that took place in the time of early mankind and instead of guns we have spears and clubs and it looked weird but potentially really cool right?
Your host Mike “The Birdman”Dodd takes you through his experience with Tokkar, the Beastmaster and his quest to unite the Wenja of Oros. Delve deep into the prehistoric world filled with bears, sabretooh tigers and worse in this unique Far Cry game for the Xbox one.
Does this game deliver a thrilling caveman experience or would Fred Flintstone be a better protagonist?
We also learn how this game made Birdman husband of the year with his wife 🙂


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