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TWiG – Dragonball Evolution Special Edition

TWiG - Dragonball Evolution Special Edition

dragonball-evolution-poster_350x521Grab your balls everyone…..Woah, I mean your Dragonballs…hehe sorry. Today’s episode Mike and Stefan look into the newly released movie Dragonball Evolution. They have audio clips of the movie, interviews with the stars of the film, and discuss the movie itself!

Special thanks to VIZ Kids and 20th Century Fox for their contributions to the show.

So download and enjoy!

Mike “The Birdman” Dodd
Stefan “The Skunk” Pelletier

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  • I definitely do not have the same opinions you guys have on this film but I do see a lot of your points about some of the nods to the series. This film was not my cup of tea and it really made me think why Hollywood while in their 80’s show movie stage is sooo afraid of animation. I’m fanboying this one up but take on of the Dragonball TV or direct to DVD movies and follow that idea.

    I think it would have been in the best interest for both the fans and the producers by making a film that the fans will see and in cheap as heel to make. I guess I don’t see the appeal of adapting these old shows to live action or why it seems to be the default for adaptations to the big screen.

    Would you guys have been as excited with a 2d animated movie or the live action adaptation on the big screen.

  • I’ve only seen the trailer and have no desire to see the film after that disappointment. I am a casual DBZ fan and do have fond memories of the first Dragon Ball saga.

    I dont think Dragonball is a suitable anime franchise to adapt to a live action film. The characterizations, the concept, and the action are far better suited in animation where they have resided these many years.

    There are many intelligent and amazing stories to be found and adapted in the universe of magna and anime to live action, ie Akira and GITS, that have the potential to be incredible…hopefully audiences wont become too jaded with over commercialized disappointments like this one when that time comes.

  • I can only hope they make a sequel and people give the movie a fair chance.
    I liked it for what it was and it was fun movie saturday afternoon pop corn flick like Street Fighter 94 was

  • I’m sorry Mike but I am a former big Dragonball, DBZ fan and saving my money for something better

  • I was too a huge DBZ fan and had a fansite long ago and this isn’t DB to me. I will see it tho on my netflix que when it goes to DVD. Not too keen on it but will still see it to give it a chance.

  • The movie was a bit too much. i didn’t even expected it to be a good one because let’s face it, DBZ is a hard series to make in to people. it has too many special effects and fight scenes that are very hard to make in the movie world.

  • Tony

    I like dragonball and anime in general. This crap flick isn’t anything like dragonball. I’m glad this movie is failing at the box office hope this epic fail will be a lesson to fox. If you want the real dbz, buy the uncut boxsets that are out now and forget this movie never happened. Pray we get no sequel.

  • PB

    I’m sorry Mike but I am a former big Dragonball, DBZ fan and saving my money for something better