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These Warriors Are Terrible Episode 29-Pendragon DEBRIEF

In the wake of the Pendragon RPG Campaign (two days later) Big Mike leads the discussion as players Derek Tom, Birdman and Conal discuss their highlight moments during the session. The new kids discuss the fun they had and the old kids discuss what was different and somewhere in the middle they can’t even agree about what Merlin looks like. And as the episode wraps an announcement is made for an upcoming session.

As always are there any settings or RPG systems you’d like the Terrible Warriors to visit? Do you have your own shameful, awesome or just plain silly RPG adventures? Tell us with a comment below or e-mail us at feedback@thisweekingeek.net. With your permission we’ll share these stories and play your suggested settings for upcoming games for the Terrible Warriors.

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Mike “Birdman” Dodd

Derek “The Bard” Burrows

Tom “Hesanevilgenius” White

Conal “Dr Holocaust” MacBeth

Big Mike of the 404’s

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These Warriors Are Terrible Episode 29-Pendragon DEBRIEF

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