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TWIG Topic show Transformers Botcon 2011 Episode 87

The May topic show is all about plastic crack and conventions! One specific convention at that Botcon 2011! Join TFG1Mike, Spada, and newcomer to TWIG PecanCtMichael. Michael is the only one of us that has actually been to Botcon multiple times so he is here to let us live vicariously through him, and get the experience of what it has been like to attend the official Transformers convention. An interview with Stan Bush on attending this years convention. After that the terrific trio then talk about Botcon 2011 coming up this weekend June 2-5 2011. We cover the schedule, toys, and guest list. So sit back for this ALL AMERICAN TWIG topic show oh and we think Soundwave was controlling Spada’s audio!!!! Lots of laughs in here as well. TRANSFORM AND ROLLOUT!!!!

Botcon 2011 Schedule

Botcon 2011 Exculsive 5 Figure Boxset

Botcon Special Guests

Stan Bush Website: http://www.stanbush.com

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Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard

Matt “Baltmatrix” Spada

Michael “PecanCtMichael” Wilson

About Mike TFG1 Blanchard

TFg1Mike has been podcasting for 9 Years! Can you believe it?? Nearly a decade of The Fucking Great 1!!! Mike enjoys talking about what he loves with his friends, and giving you great content!

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  • I agree, there is no Prime like the original. The original Optimus Prime was like a gentle father. Movie Prime is a much darker character.

    By the way, Jack Angel was the voice of Ultra Magnus in G1 seasons 3 and 4. He was also Smokescreen in season 2.

    I’m rather amused that they picked the Arcee mode for Dragstrip. I think they did that intentionally.

    And finally, I thought Springer was an awesome character. That’s another reason “The Rebirth” wasn’t any good. Springer wasn’t in it.

  • tfg1mike

    Yes we knew about Jack Angel voicing Magnus…… we didn’t mention it because he only voiced Astrotrain in the film. And that was what we were talking about because at the con there will be a TFTM 25 years panel.

    They only had 2 car choices from Animated for dragstrip Blurr or Arcee… Blurr was repaint as Animated Transtech Cheetor… So Arcee mold was only thing they could use. Glad you liked the ep. THE REBIRTH RULES!!!!!!

  • What’s a great war strategy? I know. Let’s have our heads transform into little bodies. And worse, let’s have people inside, wearing those little bodies as exosuits.

    Oh, but the greatest plan of all goes to Vector Sigma, who put into motion a plot to put the Earth, Cybertron, and the Sun at great risk just so the Autobots could recharge a battery that makes Cybertron glow again. And no matter how ridiculously dangerous it appears to be, nobody should destroy the key.

    Wonderful plan.

    Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Well, except for “Carnage In C-Minor,” “The Girl Who Loved Powerglide,” “Auto-Bop,” “The Secret Of Omega Supreme,” “Day Of The Machines,” and “Five Faces Of Darkness.” Those are all really bad, too, ut I digress.

  • tfg1mike

    hey hey hey!!! Secret of Omega actually gave the Constructicons good backstory grrrr ………….. of course you know this means war!

  • Not a GOOD back story. It gave them one in which they were Earth vehicles… on Cybertron… with their Decepticon status intact, as evident by the insignias on their chests. And they were turned evil by the

    It was a very poorly executed episode.

    Besides which, you’re talking about the Constructicons, whose histories are contradictory in all three seasons. The Constructicons, who where created Megatron, who turned them evil and then later created them on Earth.