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TWIG Topic Show-Reboot Episode 85

Warning. Incoming Game!  Warning. Incoming Game!

These few words strike terror into the processors of all bio-nomes. But fear not!  Guardians Mike ‘The Birdman Dodd’, Spada ‘The Baltmatrix’ and the First of Justice are on the scene in this month’s topic show for This Week In Geek .net.  Join our intrepid duo as they mend and defend in the system called of Mainframe. We are of course talking about the first ever computer animated television show ReBoot! So open up a vidwindow and reboot your childhood and listen as we dive into all four seasons and the legacy left by this pivitol show. How pivitol is it? It’s in the Smithsonian. That’s how important it is. So tune in with our geek panel and stay frosty, because if there’s anything this episode is not, it’s bad… Very bad.

A big ALPHANUMERIC goes out Tom at Shout Factory for without him this episode would not have been possible.

Buy your copy of The ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Collection here!

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Mike “The Birdman” Dodd
Mike “The Fist of Justice” Laidman
Spada aka “The Baltmatrix”

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