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TWiG topic show episode 137-Fallout franchise retrospective

You’ve awakened in Vault Geek, you’ve been put into suspended animation as the world around you went up in flames. You’ve found an ipod sitting inside an old Vault Jump Suit, luckily its retained a charge after all these years but it only has one file. This podcast. Let the Mike “The Birdman” Dodd, Ryan “The Uneven Flow” Merkley, and Andrew “Radroach” Roebuck guide you through the desecrated wasteland of the old world. Mr. Handy, Ghouls, Mole Rats, and Talking Tree’s are just some of the oddities you’ll face.

What companions should you choose, which Vaults are safe for visitation, and why one of the hosts has an undying hatred for a specific company (it ain’t vault-tec). Starting in 1997 Fallout has had a lot of new permutations, and changes throughout its history. We cover it all, 1, 2, 3 ,4 , Tactics, Vegas no edge of the wasteland is left unexplored. Your PIP Boy will help you get to your next adventure follow it, but watch out for Deathclaw’s. Hope you have a stimpack, and a radaway to keep you safe on your journey. Until then pick up a Nuka-Cola, munch on some dandy boy apples, and watch the world burn.

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Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

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Ryan “Brotherhood of Steel” Merkley

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