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TWiG topic show episode 127:Godzilla franchise retrospective

The Big B takes on the Big G in this supersized TWIG topic show on Godzilla King Of The Monsters. Joined with his faithful Anguirus Andrew Roebuck, the two geeks will tackle everything from The Films, The Comics, The Music, and of course The Video games.

This is a birthday party of sorts as Godzilla turns 60 years old this year, and is having a huge resurgence in popular culture thanks to the 2014 American Godzilla Film. If you’ve ever wanted to know about Dropkicking T-rexes, giant lobsters, evil smog monsters or the vile cockroach people don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Its a Kaiju extravaganza that has is currently 30 movies strong and shows no signs of stopping. So throw on your rubber suits, and look out for atomic rays because ITS GOOOODDDZZZZZILLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Deadliest Character – Megazord vs. Mechagodzilla

James Rolfe’s Godzilla-thon

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