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TWiG TalkShow Episode 12-Maxine Silverhammer

The new year has begun…and TWiG has come back with a force unlike no other. MAGFest witnessed Birdman,Snowball and Mr.Ecock. Who got to party with rock stars? Who camped out in the convention hall for 36 hours straight? Who mourns the loss of an Iphone and a 3DS….and finally Steve gets recognized for something he thought the internet forgot a long time ago.
Music,memes and why Birdman hit a guy below the belt for fun.
MAGFest 2013 kicked off the new year right for our geeks and we tell you WHY YOU NEED TO COME!
Sit down, remember the con rules and enjoy our MAGFest debrief!

Check out these links from MAGFest

Electronic Super Joy
The Megas
The Protomen
TWIG would like to thank our Sponsors this season for their services

Noble Night Games
StarFleet-Star Trek Fan club

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Mike “Birdman” Dodd

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Justin “Mr.Ecock” Ecock

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TWiG TalkShow Episode 12-Maxine Silverhammer”

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