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TWiG Talkshow Episode 11: Don’t you hate non sequiturs?

In the opening minute or so we pitch to you the newest sitcom coming to you on CBS!
We are sitting on the cusp of 2013 and that means we get to predict whose gonna die and then rise from the grave to devour the living. It’s the new year’s eve day episode of the TWiG talk show and technically the last show of 2012. Theme songs,Doctor Who and some cool stuff you have may missed previously with comics or books and even the dreaded topic of fan fiction.

Jurassic Park erotic fan fiction….we talk about it.

Oh yeah…Don’t die tonight but please drink responsible and give someone a good drunken text message.


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TWiG – TWiG Talkshow TWiG Talkshow Episode 11: Don’t you hate non sequiturs?”

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