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TWIG Special Coverage Animation Aficionados!!

We here at TWIG pride ourselves on talking to interesting people that have interesting opinions and projects going on. TFG1Mike sits down with TV’s Mr. Neil and Ben Carver (WE NEED A NICKNAME FOR HIM!!) They talk about why Neil and Ben started their podcast AA, what went into it, an d future plans. Then we just end up going into weird geeky topics. Arguments over the awesomeness that is Tiny Toon Adventures, DC Vs Marvel animation and more. Sit back relax and enjoy this special coverage all about the Animation Aficionados!!

Where You Can Get Animation Aficionados

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Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

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About Mike TFG1 Blanchard

TFg1Mike has been podcasting for 9 Years! Can you believe it?? Nearly a decade of The Fucking Great 1!!! Mike enjoys talking about what he loves with his friends, and giving you great content!

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  • We had a lot of fun. I don’t think Ben would go for a nickname. He just likes being Ben. He’s so mortified of becoming a character.

    All I’m going to say about Tiny Toons is that, even if we were to agree that the show is actually good (lies!), it’s still very technically inferior. Warner was in the process of building a new system for their cartoons. There are a lot of bad animation moments in Tiny Toons that were ironed out by the time the later shows came along, like Animaniacs, Freakazoid, and Tazmania, where they had clearly hit their stride.

    I think you may have a misunderstanding of my point about Headmasters versus “The Rebirth.” I’m not saying that anyone actually needs to watch Headmasters. Goodness knows, that series derails from everything we love about G1, that the only reason to ever watch it is to switch to the Malaysian dub and laugh at how astonishingly awful it is. I fully concede that having no proper dub of the series (and more importantly, not having the original actors) is a barrier, and Blanchard is justified in not wanting to watch it for that reason.

    HOWEVER, I do believe that Headmasters dealt with the Headmaster concept more competently. Instead of trying to invent a reason to have heads pop off of the robots, the explained it from the opposite perspective, which is that five smaller Autobots made full-sized robot bodies for themselves. It’s much less complicated than what “The Rebirth” tried to do. I think “The Rebirth” is a disaster of storytelling, regardless if you tell it in three episodes or five.

    I’m merely using the Japanese version as a means to critique the US version of the continuity. I’m not endorsing The Headmasters.

    By the way, I’m so happy that the US cartoon ended before they got to Pretenders. Good god, I don’t think I would have been able to stomach their rationalization of giant robots disguised as giant humans. I think they were really stretching the concept of Robots in disguise.

  • Oh, heh… I guess our comments about Headmasters wasn’t actually in the show. Must have been before the show that we were talking about Headmasters. Silly me, trying to go off memory.

    But yes, one day, we will get to talk Transformers, and I’ll get to hold your feet to the fire, Mike. Bwahahahaha!!!

  • I don’t care what your reasoning is, I will always love Darth Maul’s lightsaber!!! You will never ruin that for me!!

  • It halves your reach, creates giant blind spots, and limits mobility.

    Let me start at the beginning: What is the difference between a lightsaber and a sword? A sword’s blade, although sharp, can still brush against you with no harm… the side or the back of the blade is just a piece of metal. You can you your other hand to brace the blade to deflect or parry. A lightsaber cannot do this. Now, what is the best combat style for wielding a blade that is weightless and cuts through about anything with a touch?

    A quick striking style, preferably fencing of some sort. In a fencing pose, how easy is it to defend or deflect something coming towards you? A flick of the wrist.

    Very good. Now What is your maximum range? Reaching out with your arm straight forward. That is your maximum range. Now let’s observe the double bladed piece of shit.

    What is your maximum range? It’s half, because you have to angle your body at whatever you want to stab AND keep your body clear of the blade coming out of the back end. Can you defend and deflect as easily? No. What was as easy as a flick of the wrist is now pivoting your balance, your hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists to defend the same area. Your overall area of quick defense is reduced to 1/3 of what it could be.

    So in the end, you have a weapon that:

    A) Halves your range.
    B) Creates blindspots(most notably straight ahead of you and to the sides)
    C) Will maim you if the second blade touches you.

    So yeah, it is the stupidest weapon ever. You are more likely to hurt yourself than your opponent.

  • I feel a sense of deja vu coming on. Either that or a really big burp.