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TWIG- Nerd News Week of April 19- Season 4 Finale!

TWIG - Nerd News 025 - April 19th

The end is nigh!
Well the end of season 4 of TWIG!

In this season finale for the Nerd News Network join, The 3 Mikes and a Double D as they go through what happened in the world of Geek this Week! The boys talk about some new stuff coming out of Pixar, a video game sensation that has Birdman super excited and some new stuff that will be happening with your LEGO! The boys also find out that science is not the strong suit of TWIG and are looking for a science expert to join in on the fun on the show so they don’t look like morons on the show. We also talk to some of the cool people behind comic book TV Show “Human Target” and what happened with it this past season and what we can hopefully look forward to into the future!
Trust me, any more awesome and they would have to label this show as a drug!

TWIG would like to thank it’s sponsors and contributors for a fantastic season and are looking forward to season 4.5 which launches in June!

Call our voicemail line: 817-717-7202


Review of the Week: Guinness book of World records GAMER edition
Kalinda Vasquez, Executive Story editor from FOX’s Human Target

News Anchors:

Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

David “Double D” Denis

Mike” TFG1″ Blanchard
(whom may or may not be Aquaman)

Mike “Fist of justice” Laidman

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