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TWIG Nerd News Network Week of September 6th 2010

A special edition Nerd News! Why is it special? No Birdman!!

How Well do things go when the inmates run the asylum? Our Nerds try to somehow not depress the crap out of you with news about how Robots are learning to be liars, Spider-man the musical is looking like the worst idea since… well Spider-man the musical, and Fans of Heroes have no hope in finding out how the whole thing wraps up. All this and and much more, including a chat with the creative director of Halo: Reach and reviews of Heroes season 4 and He man’s Sister!

Season 5 launches this month with some great interviews and a topic show that is very dear to Birdman’s heart! Look for it in the coming weeks!

Keep in mind next week we continue on without Birdman! So keep an ear out for the next episode of Nerd News!


Movie review of the week-NBC-Heroes Season 4 on BLU RAY

Josh Holmes Creative Director of 343 Industries on Halo Reach for the Xbox 360

Masters of The Universe Classics Adora

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