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TWIG Nerd News Network Week of September 20th 2010-SEASON 5 opener!

*Cue Queen music!*

Yes, ladies and gentlemen we prepare to kick off Season 5 with a bang and say good bye to old friends and welcome back some as well and it’s a full circle ride here on Season 5 of TWIG. Yes today is an extra long episode of the Nerd News Network because of the caliber of the special TWIG guest on the show. In this episode of Season 5’s Nerd News Network we cover a variety of new topics including The crashing of a popular website this past week and its implications,a long awaited release of a TWIG favorite “24” show, Mars in Utah and how the United Nations has actually appointed a person in charge of a first contact with Aliens person and lastly NetFlix in Canada and a new Wii mote!

We also take a spin in the TARDIS and see some great new Doctor Who figures, decide to build some cool new mini games on our Nintendo DS and lastly crank the volume up to 11 and belt out “Don’t stop believin” with a certain Lima,Ohio Glee club.

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Movie review of the week-FOX-Glee Season 1 Blu Ray

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