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TWIG Nerd News Network – Week of October 25th

Welcome to our technically our Halloween of the Edition of the Nerd News Network!
Birdman forgot to mention this during the show’s opening but Reviewaday.ca has been picked by The Gaming network Blistered Thumbs.net from our friends at That Guy with the Glasses.com
In this edition of the Nerd News we take a look at what occurred in the nerd sphere this past week! Blanchard, Laidman and Spada join Birdman as they break down all the cool and weird stuff that happened across the Internet and geek worlds. We talk about the Playstation phone’s “supposed” leak to major tech blogs, Playboy’s trip back to the future, a Rally for fear and sanity from a couple of well known news comedians and so much more!
Blanchard also informs up about his musical tastes involving certain Canadian bands and a Cybertronian leader gets his due with him as well.
Lots of good stuff, so sit down and slap on the headphones and enjoy this week’s Nerd News Network on This Week in Geek.net


Special Announcement regarding-David “Double D” Denis new project launching in Jan 2011

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